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     Hello Friends, I'm Nadia Everheart.


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Children's books, Nadia's Jewelry Box, and Nadia's Loose Tooth have been read to thousands of children in the US.  To have this story and others read to your class or group, or to schedule a KLEENE Spirit! Writing Workshop, please contact us at (704) 728-7050 or click here to e-mail your request.  If you have already contacted us and are ready to schedule your author appearance or workshop, click here to print the registration/agreement.



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Children's book, Nadia's Jewelry Box, is book #1  in the Nadia's Adventures series of children's books.  Heart-Head Publishing released book #2 (Nadia's Loose Tooth) in December 2012 and book #3 (Nadia's Green Day Festival) in April 2015.  Stay tuned for books #4 & #5 in the near future.

Start your very own collection of this wonderful series of children's books by purchasing your copies TODAY.  

In the meantime, please continue to share Nadia Everheart with all of your friends, families, and students.  We have enjoyed meeting so many new friends and readers over the years and we appreciate all of the love and support you've shown.

Happy Reading!

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Nadia's Coloring & Activity Book contains 40 pages of coloring sheets, writing activities, arts, crafts, recipes, and brain teasers that coincide with the S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) concepts.  And yes, it is COLOR YOUR OWN COVER.... AND ONLY $6.00 - Happy Creating!


                                         Knowledge + Literacy = Empowerment

                               KLEENE Spirit!

Heart-Heart Publishing believes that with Knowledge and Literacy,  

you are Empowered, Equipped, and Noticeably Engaged in becoming 

        everything that you aspire to be in life. 

Copyright 2011 by Tia Capers





*** Nadia Trivia *** 


Hint: (answers can be found on the About Nadia page)

1. How old is Nadia Everheart?

2. What city & state does Nadia live in?

3. What does Nadia like collecting?

4. What is Nadia's next-door neighbor's name?

5. Where is Nadia's favorite place to travel to? 




Click coloring sheet above to print.







Nadia's coloring sheets colored by patients at the Miami Children's Hospital.





Earth Day - Every Day....

Go Green with Nadia and Heart-Head Publishing!  

The pages of Nadia's books were made with chlorine-free paper from post-consumer waste.

Miami International Book Fair





Check out Nadia's healthy, tasty, and simple snack recipes!

Click link above  to view.



Author, Tia Capers, sharing books with students at Rocky 
River Elementary School in Monroe, NC

Author, Tia Capers, sharing demo book with students at Morehead STEM Academy in Charlotte, NC.























Heart-Head Publishing is proud to announce that we have made book donations to several organizations in the local community  to include:  

 Toys for Tots, The Center of HopeKids First of the Carolinas, and to the Levine's Children Hospital.   







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